Virtual Pop-Up Bar: Welcome, Fall!

Brown Club of Washington, DC

September 18 2020, 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Virtual Pop-Up Bar: Welcome, Fall!
Brown Alum/Guestfree

Attention young alums, and all who are young at heart or just yearn to connect with fellow Brunonians: join us for the second edition of our new monthly (virtual) happy hour! 

Instead of your now ubiquitous Zoom meet-ups, picture a real bar: you go in, you find a spot, you see and chat with the people around you. Gather is the virtual platform to mimic that experience, mixing modern video technology with user-friendliness and a delightful retro look. Think Nintendo meets Zoom.

When you come to the bar you'll have an avatar you can move around, and live video feeds will pop up based on who's "standing" next to you. The only thing we can't quite mimic just yet is the drinks, as HoloDeck technology only exists in the Star Trek Universe, so BYO. 

During this strange and difficult pandemic community is more important than ever, so stop by to enjoy the company of your fellow alums in this unique way! 

When the day comes, click here to access our virtual pop-up bar, but please register in advance, The password is EverTrue.

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