BrownConnect Alumni-to-Alumni Networking: FAQs

What is BrownConnect?

BrownConnect was originally created in 2014 to support career exploration for Brown students. The initiative included two major components:

  • A concerted effort to create more internships, research opportunities, and funding for Brown students, helping them to make more informed career choices after graduation.
  • The BrownConnect digital platform, which gave students the ability to search a network of more than 50,000 alumni contacts for career research and to find connections based on work experience, industry, location, and specific interests.

Building on the tremendous success of the program, BrownConnect expanded last spring to support alumni-to-alumni networking as well—while keeping all the current BrownConnect services for students going strong.

How do I log in?

You will need a Brown Account to use BrownConnect.

Already have a Brown Account?
Go to the Brunonia home page and use the login button at top right. When your dashboard appears, click the BrownConnect link in the top row.

Don't yet have a Brown Account?
Please note that after you complete your account setup, there's a 24-hour period before you can log into your profile.

Having difficulty? Forgot username or password?
Call +1 (401) 863-9662 or email During the academic year, the helpline is open on Sunday through Thursday evenings; this page will always have the current schedule.

BrownConnect has expanded to include alumni-to-alumni networking. How does it work?

BrownConnect includes professional information from over 50,000 Brown alumni, providing a robust pool of potential alumni career contacts. Based on work-related profile information that alumni like you have shared with Brown, you can search for possible contacts, reach out for information and advice from fellow Brunonians in your industry, and develop new professional relationships. Like the student-to-alumni version of BrownConnect, this program works on the “opt out” model. Anyone who does not wish to be contacted may opt out at any time. (See below.)

How does Brown safeguard the privacy of my information?

In several ways:

  • Access to BrownConnect is granted only to students, alumni, and authorized staff who support the program. A secure password is required to access the site.
  • Your email address is not visible in BrownConnect. When alumni reach out to you around career topics, they do so through the site.
  • Through settings in your Brunonia profile, you can decide what is—and is not—visible in your Brunonia Alumni Directory listing. Those same profile settings are honored in BrownConnect.

What’s the difference between BrownConnect and the Alumni Directory?

BrownConnect is specifically designed for career and professional networking. Alumni who opt out of alumni-to-alumni networking will not appear in BrownConnect searches by alumni. Likewise, alums who opt out of student-alumni networking will not appear in searches by students.

The Alumni Directory, on the other hand, is the most complete Brown resource for finding classmates and friends.

Both resources have one thing in common: Terms of use require that information from either platform cannot be used to solicit business, nor can it be used for any political, charitable, or commercial purpose. Any such use is grounds for immediate termination of access both to the Directory and to BrownConnect.

What benefits and features does this career networking platform offer?

The most important benefit of BrownConnect is the sheer number of alumni who are accessible through the platform. In addition:

  • You can search by location, industry, class year, and stage in career.
  • You can also search by Brown-specific information such as concentrations, extracurriculars, sports, and networking interests
  • Your message reaches the alum’s preferred email address
  • You can “favorite” alums you wish to contact

How do I participate in the alumni-to-alumni networking platform?

You’ll automatically be included in this alumni-to-alumni community (unless you opt out).

But to take full advantage of alumni-to-alumni networking, we recommend that you log into your Brunonia profile’s professional section and make sure that your job title, employer, and networking interests are up to date. You also have the opportunity to add a brief work history and professional profile.

How do I update my profile?

If you have already set up your Brown account, just log in to your Brunonia profile’s professional section and add or update your information and your preferences as needed. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, call Brown’s help desk at +1 (401) 863-4357.

Adding more information to your profile helps you stay open to new connections relevant to your career. See tips doc (PDF).

Why can’t I edit the employer field in my Brunonia profile?

Brown makes company/organization searching easier by standardizing company names. Just pick the best button to make your edit:

  • Use the “ADD NEW” button if your new job is at a new employer.
  • Use the “EDIT” button if you’re with the same organization, but have a new role.

What if I would prefer not to participate in alumni-to-alumni networking at this time?

1. You can opt out by unsubscribing from any BrownConnect networking email.

2. Log into the professional section of your Brunonia profile and change your preferences regarding both alumni-to-alumni and student-to-alumni networking. Your change will take effect within 1-2 business days.

I have already been part of—and enjoyed—interacting with students through BrownConnect. Will I still be able to connect with students?

Absolutely! We hope you continue to respond to their emails, offer internships, and meet them in person at BrownConnect events. Thank you for helping students learn about careers. (If you’re interested in helping students in other ways, visit this page.)

Who sponsors and oversees BrownConnect?

This presidential initiative is sponsored by the Dean of the College Office and the Division of Advancement. Staff from both CareerLAB and Alumni Relations manage the program’s operations. The President's Advisory Council on Internships and a University Steering Committee provide further support and guidance.

Whom do I contact if I have other questions about alumni-to-alumni networking?

Please email