Soundtrack Secrets with Lauren Henderson EMBA '19

Brown University Latino Alumni Council

Zoom USA, Texas, United States

October 20 2021, 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Zoom USA
Zoom USA, TX 75208

Described as "somewhere between a comforting whisper and a cogent  declaration" by  The New York Times, Lauren Henderson EMBA ‘19 music resonates with listeners  around the world.  

Henderson uncovers the layers of her diverse background in English and Spanish.  Her compositions paint stories reflecting journeys imposed through the African Diaspora in  connection to Henderson's Panamanian, Montserratian, and vast Caribbean roots as  they interplay with her North American upbringing.  

Jazz, Latin jazz, flamenco,  R&B and soul roots aid in an exploration of culture, society, race relations and the complexities  encountered as we navigate life's obstacles. 

Join members of the Inman Page Black Alumni Council and Brown University Latino Alumni Council for a fireside chat with Lauren Henderson EMBA ‘19 that will feature stories about her work and performances.

See Who's Coming

  • Araceli M. Hintermeister
  • Artie Hintermeister
  • Alexandra Ocampo
  • John C. Bonifaz
  • Carlos A. Lejnieks
  • Latroy P. Glover
  • Javette P. Laremont
  • Michelle D. Hernandez
  • Jose J. Estabil
  • Roberto A. Tercero Esq.
  • Luis E. Campillo
  • Walter G. Edwards III
  • Jennifer Ketay Brock
  • Patricia A. Bacame
  • Isabel Martinez
  • Cayetano Sanchez III
  • Valerie Cordeiro
  • Kimberly E. Wright-King
  • Agueda Hernandez
  • Rita A. Campbell
  • Latifa deGraft-Johnson
  • Teandra M. Lassiter
  • Conway H. Redding Ph.D.
  • Allean A. Brown
  • Andrew G. Logan M.D.
  • Dominick S. Boyce
  • Jeffrey C. Mazique
  • Gordon C. Taylor
  • Dr. Spain
  • Harry W. Holt
  • Wayne V. Gulston M.D.
  • Ivon Rodriguez de Perez