Giving Tuesday at Brown University

Thank You

Thank You



Top Reunion Classes by Donors

Class of 1987:
Donors: 123 Donated: $148,012
Class of 1982:
Donors: 115 Donated: $107,807
Class of 1992:
Donors: 106 Donated: $415,034

Top Non-Reunion Classes by Donors

Class of 1984:
Donors: 90 Donated: $25,658
Class of 1994:
Donors: 83 Donated: $102,751
Class of 1991:
Donors: 61 Donated: $101,188

Top Young Alumni (Non-Reunion) Classes by Donors

Class of 2008:
Donors: 61 Donated: $23,791
Class of 2011:
Donors: 49 Donated: $21,190
Class of 2009:
Donors: 37 Donated: $6,750

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Total Parent Dollars:
Total Parent Donors:

The Day Explained

More information and frequently asked questions about this special giving day.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of philanthropy, bringing people together around the value of giving back. The Brown community celebrates this day with a 24-hour fundraising drive on November 30, 2021. Gifts made on Giving Tuesday support our students where it’s needed most, including the financial aid that makes the Brown experience possible for our most deserving students.

Only gifts received and recorded on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 will be included. Pledges will not be included in our Giving Tuesday totals. Have a question about a gift or pledge, or want to make a gift over the phone? Call us at +1 (401) 863-3300.

Though Giving Tuesday is primarily an online fundraising drive, there are other ways you can give to Brown and be included in the day’s totals. Please contact us at +1 (401) 863-3300 or for any special giving circumstances.

You can make this giving day have an even greater impact for Brown. Learn more about how you can help spread the word about Giving Tuesday.

Give us a call at +1 (401) 863-3300 or email